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Eldercare Nanny – Hiring A Professional

Hiring an Elder Care Nanny

Hiring an Eldercare Nanny is something we all face when we take on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent. The truth is: We can’t be there as much as we would like to be or when our parent needs us to be there. Caring for the elderly is a challenge, no matter what- and at some point you are going to need help. If you are working a job outside your home then this process happens much quicker than if you were not working.

Again, there are many choices and options if you are not able to be there for your aging parent. This article/post covers Hiring an Eldercare Nanny, but I will put the other options here as well and you can read about the other options when you get to them.

First, you need to come to the realization that you need help, we all need help from time to time because caring for the elderly can be quite a challenge, and even more so if you are dealing with someone with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Just the other day when there was a tornado watch in the town where my mother lives. I called all over the place looking for someone who had a basement that could get my mother to a safe place if that tornado watch turned into a warning. If she would have had a nanny or a companion in place, then that person would have made sure she was safe.

So, there is no shame in needing help! When you begin your search for a nanny or companion for your parent you will have to know where to look, and you will need to know what questions to ask when you interview a potential Nanny.

Start with agencies- Eldercare Nanny:

It may be easier to find the right eldercare nanny if you look to agencies for help in matching your aging parent up with a nanny.

Eldercare Nanny - Hiring A Professional



  • : This is a popular agency with care providers for both children and elder care.
  • Comfort Keepers: This agency also have a large pool of care givers.
  • Babies to Boomers: They provide services to babies all the way to boomers and beyond.

You can do a quick internet search as well and you will be amazed at the number of Eldercare Nanny agencies there are to choose from.

Interviewing the Nanny: Even though you may go through an agency, you will still need to interview each nanny. You don’t want to just pick the first nanny, you want to make sure you will match likes and dis-likes with your aging parent.

Questions to ask a Eldercare Nanny prospect:

1. Do you have experience working with Senior Citizens? What about with those with Dementia or Alziemers?

2. What type of activities do you like doing with the elderly?

3. Do you have a car and are you willing to take Mom/Dad out on little field trips? Shopping, lunch or to the movies…

4. Do you have first aid training and CPR Certification?

5. If my Mom/Dad slipped and fell down the steps what would you do first?

6. Are you willing to help with dressing, toileting?

7. Can you prepare nutritious meals?

8. Are you open to having a background check done?

You can also download this check list of interview questions.



Sheila’s Blog at Would You Hire a Young Nanny?

Eldercare Nanny - Hiring A Professional

I like young nannies.  I like old nannies and middle aged nannies too. I should, one of’s services is nanny-finding, right?!

But I recently had a friend tell me she wouldn’t hire a college kid to nanny for her family. “They’re not mature, yet” she said. That startled me – do more parents feel this way?

I guess I understand. My mom had that theory when she was advising me on my first nanny (before I started She was “old school” and gave the motherly advice of looking for someone who had raised a family already. I was a young mom myself, and she felt I could learn from someone with this experience…  Read more …


Retirement Redux | How to hire a caregiver by Sheryl Smolkin (Canada)

Eldercare Nanny - Hiring A Professional

My Mom is 87 and lives in a two-bedroom condominium. Over the last few months it has become increasingly difficult for her to manage on her own, particularly since she gave up her driver’s license late last year.

It is her wish to stay in her own apartment for as long as possible, so initially we hired a lady through an agency a couple of times a week primarily to drive her to appointments and take her grocery shopping.

However, as she has become more fragile we realized that she needs more help. Also, when we looked at what she was paying the agency ($23/hour plus $.72/km) we realized that she could afford to privately hire a full-time caregiver for only a few dollars more each week.

When I started looking for employment agencies that place long-term domestic help, I found the fantastic website Candidates looking for a job can post their ad for free. Employers must pay a modest amount to post a job ad or see the full profile of candidates who have already posted…  Read more …

Mother/ Daughter Team Launches ‘Babies to Boomers …

Eldercare Nanny - Hiring A Professional

Cori Fine and Carol Bourque of Burlington, recently launched a Nanny and Elder Care agency serving the greater Chittenden and Lamoille county areas. Fine has been a professional nanny for the past 10 years. … save countless hours of research and paperwork, and provide them with a safe and dependable resource to hire a caregiver that has been fully screened and meets the recommended requirement s of the International Nanny Association,” says Fine. Read more …



I saw your nanny: Adding Elder Care to Nanny’s Job

… nanny is really underpaid as it is. It would be worth it to have two people in the home if one of them is a professional elder caregiver and the other is a professional childcare provider. …. Elder-care, is a lot of work. Its cruel of you to even ask for the nanny to help with her bathing, would you, I wouldn’t. Your proposed rate of 900/week is only $14/hour before the OT. That is insanely low for 2 jobs. My mom too had a stroke, a mini one. Here is what care looks like: Help …

Read more …


-Virginia Bower


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