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About Our Aging Society

Our Aging Society - Virginia BowerAbout Our Aging Society : Thank you for visiting!

I hope you find all the information you were looking for.  I am in the process of building this site for that reason only… to give you the information you may not be able to find anywhere else. I also hope that with my experience you can avoid some of the things that I have had to navigate through. Some real muddy paths, I tell ya!
So, who am I? My name is Virginia Bower and my experience with senior care, senior living actually started 5 years ago with my younger sister. Even though my younger sister is not a senior citizen, she is till treated as one due to her disabilities.

My sister was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her early thirties. Due do the lack of care and medication, she needed to be in a nursing home in her mid forties. I became her POA (Power of Attorney) back in 2009.

Two years ago I became my mothers POA and then realized her property had been stolen (senior fraud) from her and I then became her guardian and we are currently in the process of getting her property back. It is a long drawn out road I have been down, which wouldn’t have been too bad if there weren’t all the road blocks or the lack of information available to me. All in all, if you haven’t been down the roads I have been down, I hope the information here will help you. That is my biggest hope: That you are able to get the much needed information from this site that you need.

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Here is a short About Our Aging Society list of the topics I will cover, I say short list because I have so much more to share:
Sandwich Generation – Are You A Member?

Elder Care
Elder Care Stress
7 Elder Care Warning Signs
Eldercare Nanny – Hiring A Professional

Skilled nursing homes
-skilled nursing homes ratings
-compare nursing homes in your area

Nursing home costs
-nursing home expenses
-Breaking down the numbers
-protecting assets from nursing home costs
-nursing home payment requirements

Nursing home meals
-nursing home nutrition
-nursing home menu planning
-nursing home meal plan
-nursing home food menu

Nursing home care

-nursing home abuse
-7 types of abuse in nursing homes
-causes of nursing home abuse
-elder abuse laws
-elder abuse laws by state
-elder abuse facts
-elder abuse statistics
-preventing elder abuse
-elder abuse information
-elder abuse attorney

Paying for nursing home care

-what is the difference between medicare and medicaid

-paying for nursing home care with medicaid
-how much does medicaid pay for nursing home care
-nursing home payment medicaid
-medicaid nursing home eligibility

Medicaid eligibility
-medicaid application
-medicaid application online
-medicaid application form

Nursing home resident rights
-long term care resident rights
-resident bill of rights long term care

Protecting the elderly
-protecting the elderly from abuse
-protecting the elderly from financial abuse
-protecting elderly finances
-guardianship of elderly
-power of attorney for elderly
-what is a durable power of attorney
-durable power of attorney for health care
-durable power of attorney for finance
-durable power of attorney for finances form

Advanced Directives
-what is an advance directive
-what is the purpose of having an advance directive
-what is an advance directive policy
-what is an advance directive form
-advance directive forms
-advance directive template
-what is an advance directive for health care
-Living will
-free living will forms
-living will template
-printable living wills
-example living will

-advance directive for health care

-what is the difference between an advance directive and a living will

Gifts for People in A Nursing Home

Thanks for reading my about Our Aging Society page. If you have ideas for topics you would like to see here, feel free to either leave a comment below or email me.


Thanks again!



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