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Senior News – Caregiver Dementia: By

For years, we’ve read that Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia. That’s not entirely true.

The leading cause is “caregiver dementia,” which strikes an estimated 100 million overwhelmed and stressed-out caregivers worldwide. The term was used initially in the 1980’s, and while not an official medical diagnosis, it includes symptoms such as disorientation, forgetfulness and depression.

Stressful conditions produce high levels of the hormone cortisol, which, over time, may contribute to memory loss. Think about it: You’re working long hours, you see no end in sight and you’re exhausted.Who can think straight under those conditions? Read More…

Doctors and nurses busted for $712 million Medicare fraud

Medicare Fraud

The FBI arrested 46 doctors and nurses across the country this week in the largest Medicare fraud bust ever.

By Katie Lobosco CNN Money

In total, 243 people were arrested in 17 cities for allegedly billing Medicare for $712 million worth of patient care that was never given or unnecessary. In one of the most egregious cases, owners of a mental health facility in Miami billed tens of millions of dollars for psychotherapy sessions based on treatment that was little more than moving patients to different locations, said Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Read More…

Hiring an Elder Care Nanny

Eldercare Nanny – Hiring A Professional

Hiring an Eldercare Nanny is something we all face when we take on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent. The truth is: We can’t be there as much as we would like to be or when our parent needs us to be there. Caring for the elderly is a challenge, no matter what- […]

Elder Care Warning Signs

7 Elder Care Warning Signs

7 Elder Care Warning Signs – Is It Time For Elder Care? How to Know When It’s Time for Elder Care What is Elder Care? The definition is fairly simple: It’s the care of an elderly individual. Figuring out when your aging parent will need Elder Care is another ball game all together. Unfortunately, growing […]

Eldercare - Stress

Elder Care Stress

Elder Care Stress   Elder Care Stress : How to deal with Stress Related to Taking Care of an Elderly Parent. When it comes to Elder Care Stress just know this: Emotions can run the gamut when caring for an elderly parent. But, the stress isn’t just on the side of the care giver, the […]

Are you a member of the sandwich generation?

Sandwich Generation – Are You A Member?

Are you a member of the sandwich generation? If you have children, you know it’s a big responsibility being a caretaker. Although parenthood comes with rewards, it also comes with a tremendous amount of stress. Now take that responsibility of being a parent and imagine the level of stress when you become a caretaker of […]


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